Let's Talk in English!

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1:Olivia:2016/06/27(月) 22:25

Let's talk in English.
You can also post your diary in English.


-Don't fight.
-Write in English.
-Use a dictionary.



2:Olivia:2016/06/28(火) 18:53

A student, who has studied abroad said to me that I can be a good English speaker than him.

I was happy to hear that.

He appreciate me!

3:Fairy:2016/12/20(火) 21:56

Yesterday I joined the Christmas party.
I had much fun.

4:藤田くん:2016/12/25(日) 11:59

However painful she is , she always smiles. But she cried in my arms last week for the first time.

5:Fairy:2016/12/26(月) 22:58

Is she your girlfriend?
People don't have to smile when they feel sad.
She can be honest.
To represent sadness is not annoying.

6:藤田くん:2016/12/27(火) 22:07

You are right.
I think so,too.

7:匿名:2016/12/27(火) 22:17

Did you ask her reason why she cried then?

8:匿名:2016/12/27(火) 22:26

If I were there next to her, I might say as follows. "I'm rather happy for being able to share your sadness with you. I mean you're not alone and I'll always stay behind of you. You're not alone!"

9:藤田くん:2016/12/27(火) 22:29

I wasn't able to know that reason.
The more I think about it,the more want to know.

10:藤田くん:2016/12/27(火) 22:30


11:匿名:2016/12/27(火) 22:39

Thanks Fujita... But I hope your girlfriend is "charmy" enough to make me feel sacrificing myself for her lonliness.

12:希来:2016/12/31(土) 13:35

Oliviaさん 英語初心者(小6)であまりわかりません。勉強しててわからないことがあったら聞いてもいいですか?まだ初心者ですがいずれ海外に留学したいとおもっています。(あまり長くない期間)

13:参加希望2:2016/12/31(土) 13:56

I am Sankakibou.
Nice to meet you.

14:ほの あけおめ:2017/01/01(日) 02:53

December 31th Saturday

Today was the last day of the year.

I recorded gakitsuka and watched kohaku. So, I was excited to watch it.

My favorite singers kana nishino and AAA were appearing in kohaku and kana nishino sang Dear bride and AAA sang

hurricane riri Boston mari. I think both were very good.

After that, I watched Count down TV. The performers who were appearing in TV counted for the new year.

Then, I felt shocked suddenly because I have a high school entrance exam in 2017. It is this year and I haven't studied too

much for it yet. So, I got sad at the same time. Anyway, take it easy!

15:Lucienne:2017/01/04(水) 10:53


Do your best for your entrance exam. I hope you get high score. Your English is really good, so I think you are enough clever to pass the exam.

Good luck!

16:ほの:2017/01/05(木) 23:27

No, no, I'm not clever so much and your english is better than mine!! but thank you.
I'm not good at math, science, and social studies. So, I dislike them and don't want to study them!! but I will do my best for entrance exam. Thank you very much!!

17:藤田くん hoge:2017/01/06(金) 07:44

You must be fond of English.
I want you to study harder and harder.
If you do so,you can get a lot of knowledge.

18:ほの:2017/01/06(金) 19:21

Yes, I like English the best in subjects, and I'm thinking about studying abroad some day!
I will study more to enter school I want to enter! thank you.

19:ほの:2017/01/06(金) 19:27

Oh... I mistook how to use "in".
in subjects ×
of all subjects ◯
I like English, but I'm not good at it so much yet...

20:ほの:2017/01/06(金) 20:12

Friday January 6th sunny

I also didn't see Y today..."Y" is a teacher of juku I'm going to, and I have loved him. I haven't seen him for ten days. So, I miss him now. But two days later, I have juku. So, I might see him. Thinking so gives me a hope to live and it makes me happy. So, I will still keep waiting for being able to see him.

21:ほの:2017/01/18(水) 02:59

Sunday January 15th sunny

Today, I was happy to see Y after a long time. Then, he looked like he had cut his hair and I thought " He is cooler than before! ". By the way, I solved the past questions of the entrance exam that was held in 2013 and I got good scores on English and Japanese,but I couldn't get good scores on math, science, and social studies. Especially, on science. So, I thought that I must study harder and that I might not pass the entrance exam about one month later and I was shock. But I shouldn't just be troubled. So, I will keep studying.

22:あ:2017/01/20(金) 20:36

23:Emma:2017/02/10(金) 20:36

Good evening!!
Please call me Emma.
Nice to meet you!!
I can speak English!!
That's an american.
Let's talk a lot.
Can i ask questions?
What time Do you get up?
Please tell me.
What's your favorite food?
I Love pizza!!
It's birthday is october.and you?

24:Emma:2017/02/10(金) 20:37

I'm going to bed now!!
Good Night!!

25:Emma:2017/02/11(土) 07:10

Good morning!!
I have finished my homework.
You can play a lot!!
I did it.
I'm very pleased.
I want to see it someday.
But I think it's impossible.

26:Emma:2017/02/11(土) 07:11


27:Emma:2017/02/11(土) 07:11


28:☆MAO☆:2017/02/11(土) 07:12

Nice to meet you!!

29:ば:2017/02/12(日) 00:38


What are you doing now?

30:流良:2017/02/12(日) 21:07

my name is rura。『Ruler』 no。
my dream is to help perple or to save perple
I like karate
my dream World champion!

31:  ばろん  ◆H.:2017/02/13(月) 23:05

that's grate dream!

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